“In my 23 years of being a financial planner I have never seen a more comprehensive approach to the process of college planning combined with unique funding strategies. Varsity Planning’s knowledge of what constitutes a good merit based offer is incredible and should absolutely save your family thousands of dollars. With the extraordinary cost of college today, I believe working with Thom and his team is a must!”

James C. Gebhardt, CFP
Principal, Wealth Advisor
Gebhardt Group, Inc.

“Varsity College Planning’s services were indispensable to my family and me during my college search and application process. My only regret is not finding them sooner! I would definitely recommend this to every high schooler. Each step of the process was made clear and kept me on track for achieving my goals, whether that meant using the provided SAT preparatory tools or just researching more about specific colleges through the website’s resources. The student positioning tool gave me a realistic view of where to focus my efforts moving forward and proved to be pretty accurate later on. Individual calls and meetings with advisors gave my family impeccable guidance, especially considering finances. Had it not been for the help of the team at Varisty College Planning, I would have been lost. This fall, I will be attending a college I never would have found on my own with a 53K scholarship grant per year, for a total savings of 212K. Thanks to Thom Gleason and the whole team for all of your help!”

-B.L. Class of 2019