“In my 23 years of being a financial planner I have never seen a more comprehensive approach to the process of college planning combined with unique funding strategies. Varsity Planning’s knowledge of what constitutes a good merit based offer is incredible and should absolutely save your family thousands of dollars. With the extraordinary cost of college today, I believe working with Thom and his team is a must!”

James C. Gebhardt, CFP
Principal, Wealth Advisor
Gebhardt Group, Inc.

“Varsity College Planning’s services were indispensable to my family and me during my college search and application process. My only regret is not finding them sooner! I would definitely recommend this to every high schooler. Each step of the process was made clear and kept me on track for achieving my goals, whether that meant using the provided SAT preparatory tools or just researching more about specific colleges through the website’s resources. The student positioning tool gave me a realistic view of where to focus my efforts moving forward and proved to be pretty accurate later on. Individual calls and meetings with advisors gave my family impeccable guidance, especially considering finances. Had it not been for the help of the team at Varisty College Planning, I would have been lost. This fall, I will be attending a college I never would have found on my own with a 53K scholarship grant per year, for a total savings of 212K. Thanks to Thom Gleason and the whole team for all of your help!”

-B.L. Class of 2019

When my oldest child was a junior in high school, I attended Thom’s college workshop. From our first encounter, I could feel his energy and commitment to the program. His strategies were tailored to my family’s specific means and goals, without any undisclosed surprises or disappointments. Everything progressed as stated, which resulted in not only having the funds for college but earning much more than would have resulted from our prior standard savings account. Thom lives in the area with his own family, so I trust his commitment to the community will continue. I would gladly repeat the experience.
Michele P. Student class of 2013

“It is not every day that you come across a passionate and trustworthy college planning advisor. Thom Gleason is a true professional who does his work really well. He honestly helped us get our kids through the huge expense of college. So grateful we had him on our team.”

Mary Alice Kenny, Attorney at Law Student class 2010

We were very overwhelmed by the thought of choosing the right college for our daughter. She was not immediately engaged in the search process and we had no idea how we were going to pay for the staggering costs.  Then we met with Thom. Varsity College Planning went through the whole process with us and ran an analysis for us to let us know what our costs would be. We built a college list targeting colleges where our daughter was likely to be accepted.  Using their search tools was a godsend. The tool helped my daughter get more engaged in her college search. It saved us countless hours and helped us find our daughter’s school. One we would have never found on our own. We saved thousands of dollars and have a plan to pay the remaining costs.  It is a valuable service, one that I recommend to anyone as it will save dozens of hours in research time, thousands of dollars in college costs and clarity and coaching on what to expect throughout the process. 

Swanson Class of 2015